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Accessing Student E-mail

PTC StudentAll PTC students receive an official Pulaski Technical College e-mail address. You are required to use your PTC e-mail address for all communications with the school and your instructors. It's important to check your PTC email to stay informed about your classes, registration, financial aid, campus events, and much more.

See below for different steps on how to access your official Pulaski Technical College e-mail account.

What is my PTC student e-mail address and password?

Email Address: Your MyPTC Portal username followed by “@students.pulaskitech.edu”.
Example: jadoe1234@students.pulaskitech.edu
Password: Your MyPTC Portal password

Direct Access:

Log in at mail.office365.com using the credentials as below.
Username: - Your MyPTC Portal username followed by “@students.pulaskitech.edu”.
Password: Your MyPTC Portal password

MyPTC Portal Access:

Log in to the MyPTC Portal, and click the Office365 Email button.

PTC Website Access:

Visit pulaskitech.edu/current_students, and click the Pulaski Tech E-mail button or scroll to the bottom of any page on the PTC website, and click the Student E-mail link in the footer.

iPhone Access:

To set up your Pulaski Tech e-mail on your iphone you will need to:

1. Tap Settings (once you are in the settings)
2. Tap Mail, Contacts, and Calendars.
3. Tap Add Account.
4. Tap Microsoft Exchange
5. Enter the following credentials:
- Email: Your MyPTC Portal username followed by “@students.pulaskitech.edu”.
- Server: m.outlook.com
- User Name: Your MyPTC Portal username followed by “@students.pulaskitech.edu”.
- Password: Your MyPTC Portal password

Student E-mail Technical Support:

Technical assistance related to student e-mail is available Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. by clicking here.

Please read the following frequently asked questions before contacting technical support:

1. What is my username and password so I can check my student e-mail?

Click here to set up your MyPTC portal account. After completing, this will reset (or set) your password and display your login username and student id. After receiving this information, logout and log back into the MyPTC portal.

2. I'm not able to sign in and I'm using my correct username and password.

Your password has most likely expired. Please click here and fill out the set and reset password account form.

3. I'm unable to reset my password and I provided correct information.

If you feel that you are typing your information correctly and it is not letting you reset your password, please visit the office of Admissions and Records to verify your information.

If you have moved but did not do a change of address with PTC, then it’s likely that the zip code you’re entering does not match what’s in your official PTC records. Doing a change of address at the Post Office does not change your address at PTC. You must also do that here with Admissions and Records.

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