University of Arkansas - Pulaski Technical College: two year community college in central Arkansas

About Pulaski Technical College

As University of Arkansas - Pulaski Technical College strives to maintain a cohesive image and style in all publications, the Department of Public Relations and Marketing staff must approve all official college publications before they are printed and used in an official capacity for the college. Please contact the Department of Public Relations and Marketing office as soon as possible with your publication needs to ensure that there is ample time to finish your project prior to your deadline.

Our staff will be happy to help you design your official college publication(s) to have the same feel as other college publications, with your ideas and input having a strong impact on the finished product. We will help you create a high-quality publication with your budget in mind, as our on-staff professionals are always ready to help.

Publication Timelines

  • This publication timeline is typical of a tri-fold brochure project. Larger projects may take longer to produce than the time frame mentioned here. We realize that there will be instances when this timeline must be adjusted due to the time sensitive nature of certain projects.

  • Contact Tim Jones, Associate Vice Chancellor of Public Relations and Marketing, or Amy Green, Director of Creative Services, as soon as you know that you will need a printed publication.

  • If you need something added to the college Web site or for multimedia services, contact Lennon Parker, Digital Communication Specialist.

  • If possible, make your request at least six weeks prior to when you need the completed publication in your hand.

  • Once you have contacted us, we will schedule a meeting with you that will help identify the specific promotional and production needs for the publication or event, such as posters, postcards, programs, photos etc., as applicable.

  • We will need the information for your publication in order to create a design to meet your needs.

  • We will also try to identify potential challenges or issues that might arise from a technical standpoint.

  • College-wide publications are given the highest priority.

  • Approximately two weeks prior to printing, our office will generate the final draft of the publication for department/division and vice president approval, coordinate printing contracts with vendors and submit the final document for printing.

  • Completed publications will be delivered to your department via Shipping and Receiving.

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