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Donnie Cook, President of Bank of American, presented a check for $15,000 to the Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management Institute campaign in August 2013. 
Kelly Caldwell (fourth from left) presented a $20,000 to the Dental Assisting Program from Delta Dental of Arkansas in August 2013.  The money will be used to update training equipment in the Dental Assisting lab.  Kelly is the Manager of Communications for Delta Dental.
Representatives from Union Pacific Railroad presented a $10,000 check to the Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management Institute campaign in August 2013.  (l. to r.)  Senator Eddie Joe Williams, Culinary Student Ian Sanderson, PTC Development Officer Marsha Hines and Drew Tessier, Director of Public Affairs for Union Pacific.
Donors Bert and Ann Blair Parke on a recent visit to PTC. 
Dr. Margaret A. Ellibee and donor Donald J. Cook, President – Central Arkansas, Bank of America. 
Donor Steve Landers visiting with students. 
(Left) Joyce Taylor, Executive Director, Dr. Pam Cicirello, Dean of Allied Health & Human Services, Benjamin Peacock, Program Director Allied Health Affiliations, Patrick O’Sullivan, Executive Director, Blue and You Foundation for a Healthier Arkansas, Dr. Margaret A. Ellibee, President, Pulaski Technical College, and Melissa Hendricks, Grants and Major Gifts Officer. 

Robert P. and Wanda Taylor with Joyce Taylor.  Photo was taken on a recent visit to PTC.

“Pulaski Tech is the energetic center of education – it is always a pleasure to visit the campus.”  R. Taylor

*Mr. Taylor is a former member of the PTC Foundation Board.

Joyce Taylor, Executive Director, and Yvette Parker, Special Events Officer, host College supporter Dustin Howard, District Sales Manager for Coca-Cola, on campus.  
Arkansas State Representative Barry Hyde of North Little Rock presents PTC officials with a grant of $9,228 in state general improvement funds administered by the Central Arkansas Planning and Development District. Funds are being used to improve facilities to serve veterans involved in Veterans Upward Bound. Pictured are: Cindy Harkey, PTC Vice President of Student Services; Butch Davis; Dr. Dan F. Bakke, PTC President; Rep. Hyde; Jacqueline Johnson, Veterans Upward Bound Director and Ed Nelson, PTC Director of Governmental Relations.
(l to r) Melissa Hendricks, Grants and Major Gifts Officer, Dr. Pamela Cicirello, Dean of Allied Health, and Patrick O’Sullivan, Executive Director of Blue & You Foundation.
(l to r) Curtis and Jackye Finch, Wanda and Bob Taylor, and Lyndell Lay. 
Bert Parke 
“Roller Funeral Homes has been committed to education for many years. We are proud to partner with Pulaski Technical College in giving Arkansans the tools needed to succeed in today’s workforce.” - Renata Byler, Vice President, Roller Funeral Homes

Photo: (Top row from left to right) John Barnes, Kent Hale, Gary Anderson and Terry Duffle (Bottom row from left to right) Renata Byler, Steve Ballard and Business of Art Chair Melody Stanley
“First Arkansas Bank and Trust is proud to pledge $50,000 in support of Pulaski Technical College’s Little Rock South Site Building Campaign. Pulaski Tech continues to grow and thrive and we’re proud to be a part of
helping secure opportunities for students for many years to come.” - Larry Wilson, President, First Arkansas Bank and Trust

Photo: (From left to right) Larry Wilson and Mark Wilson

“Glazer’s of Arkansas is proud to be a partner in higher education. The key to a truly successful future is in education, and Pulaski Technical College is doing a great job of unlocking the door to many in central
Arkansas.” - Jim Montgomery, State Training Director and Special Events Manager, Glazer’s Distributors of Arkansas

Photo: Jim Montgomery and Joyce Taylor
"It was a great privilege to be the building contractor for the Pulaski Technical College Little Rock-South site. This experience gave me a unique insight into the many worthwhile programs offered by Pulaski
Technical College. I firmly believe PTC serves a vital role in the education of our citizens. I am proud to be a supporter." - Tom Harding, Chief Operating Officer, East-Harding

Photo: Tom Harding and Janet Davis, Foundation Board Secretary
“The Peabody Little Rock is a proud partner with Pulaski Technical College. Together we are building a strong community by unlocking the potential of Arkansas’ greatest resource – her people.” - Gregg Herning, General Manager, The Peabody Little Rock

Photo: (From left to right) Todd Scholl, Greg Moser, Leigh Lusk, Chef Andre Poirot and
General Manger Gregg Herning

“Union Pacific Railroad is very pleased to continue its support of Pulaski Technical College in its mission of providing affordable and accessible higher education for citizens of central Arkansas. We have a growing dedicated and educated workforce in central Arkansas, including people like Dana Swanson, the director of Locomotive System Facilities, and in the future we want to offer more qualified Pulaski Technical College graduates the opportunity to begin careers with Union Pacific.” - Drew Tessier, Director of Public Affairs, Union Pacific Foundation

Photo: (From left to right) Dana Swanson, Joyce Taylor, Drew Tessier and Melissa Hendricks

“We are proud to support Pulaski Technical College. Pulaski Tech is training a great workforce for the hospitality industry.” - David Massery, U.S. Foods

Photo: (From left to right) Gordon Toney, Lon Eason, Sonny Bridges, Ed Fason and David Massery
“Ben E. Keith knows the true value of education. Pulaski Technical College encourages people to reach higher and reap the benefits of gaining an education. We are proud to partner with them in these efforts.” - Rusty Mathis, Ben E. Keith

Photo: (From left to right) Chris Haynes, Rick Gammill and Rusty Mathis
“RP Power is proud to make a $25,000 gift to the Pulaski Technical College Foundation because we believe strongly that our gift is a wise business decision and social reinvestment that empowers our entire community.” - John Ronza, President, RP Power

Photo: Phillip Pate & John Ronza of RP Power with Foundation Board Vice-Chair Art Korenblat
"Feed a man a fish and he will not be hungry for a day but teach a man to fish and he will be feed his entire life. Pulaski Tech is teaching men and women to fish for knowledge and preparing them for their future so they will never be hungry.” - Rick Fleetwood, CFO/COO Snell Prosthetic and Orthotic Laboratory

Photo: Foundation Board Member Ed Staley and Rick Fleetwood

“Powers of Arkansas believes that Pulaski Tech is very important to the future of Arkansas. From the training of our own employees to those of our customers, Pulaski Tech is raising the level of education our community must have to grow. With our $5000 gift we join a team that is making a difference.” - Alan Hope, President, Powers of Arkansas

Photo: Foundation Board Member Ed Staley and Alan Hope
“Mary Ann and I believe that Pulaski Tech is one of the most valuable resources for our city and county. By training the students to move into the workforce PTC is filling a tremendous need for the businesses in this area. We are glad to support that effort.” - Mary Ann and Jerry and Hodge, Owners Signs First

Photo: Mary Ann and Jerry Hodge and PTC Foundation Executive Director, Joyce Taylor
“Most of the students at PTC are above average in age compared to conventional college students. They are serious students who want a good education so they can provide a better life for themselves and their families. We applaud their efforts and we wanted to help.” - Dr. James Pappas and Eva Pappas

Photo: Dr. James Pappas and Eva Pappas

“We are delighted to add our name to the list of supporters of Pulaski Technical College because we know that our $10,000 contribution is an investment that will positively impact our whole community.” - Terry Rogers, President of Treadway Electric Company

Photo: Terry Rogers, Dr. Dan Bakke, and Amy Treadway

“Whatever success we have enjoyed in life we feel is a direct result of the education we were blessed with. We have provided our kids with their education and we wanted to help someone else.” - Carla and Mike Grayson

Photo: Foundation Board Member Ryan Hamra and Carla and Mike Grayson

“Pulaski Technical College is unique in that they provide real world training and education to so many students who might not seek higher education at a four-year institution. We are thrilled to be a part of the college and look forward to watching the campus continue to grow.” - James and Judi Dietz

Photo: Foundation Board Member Bob Birch and Judi and James Dietz

“We are excited about the evolution of Pulaski Technical College. An educated work force is the key to the economic success of this community and we hope our gift if the first of many endowed scholarships to come.” - Steve Wade, President of Simmons First National Bank

Photo: Steve Wade and former Foundation Board Chair, R.J. Wills

“Alessi-Keyes is happy to promote Pulaski Tech’s mission to provide access to high quality education that promotes student learning and enables individuals to develop to their fullest potential and support the economic development of the state.” -Cloud Keyes, President of Alessi-Keyes Construction

Photo: Cloud Keyes, Foundation Board Member Keith Riggs, and Jimmy Alessi

"The Union Pacific Foundation is proud to present a $10,000 grant to Pulaski Technical College Foundation. We recognize the important role of two-year colleges in our country and we are pleased to partner with Pulaski Technical College to train a quality workforce for central Arkansas. Our 2,863 employees in Arkansas include many Pulaski Tech graduates and we want to make sure that continues.” -Drew Tessier, Corporate Relations, Union Pacific

Photo: Foundation Board Member Buddy Sutton and Drew Tessier

“Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield employs 2,400 people in Arkansas, so we are always on the lookout for new employees with good business, computer and health-related skills. That’s why we are proud to support institutions such as Pulaski Technical College in its educational mission.” -Patrick O’Sullivan, Executive Director of Blue & You Foundation

Photo: Foundation Board Member Donnie Cook and Patrick O’Sullivan

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