Pulaski Technical College

Milestones (2004)

Table of Contents

Letter from the President
Dr. Dan F. Bakke • 1

Wade Derden and Angie Macri-Hanson • 2

Drowning Girls and Lilies:  Inside the Goblin Market
Faebyan Malloy • 4

Tribute to the Sea
Lindsey Ransom • 10

Closed Head Injury or Attention Deficit Disorder?
(Residuals of Brain Injury)
Sue Kerr • 14

Girl Meets World
Heather George • 18

A Meaningful Case of Lost Objectivity:  Andersen and Enron
Tracy Graham • 22

Sixty Out of Every Million People Will Develop Acromegaly
and Never Know It
Brandi Capps  • 31

Underneath the Kindness
Lindsey Ransom • 33

Tacitus as Historian
Teresa Lauderdale • 36

Contributors • 42

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