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The faculty and staff of the Mathematics, Natural and Social Sciences division would like to welcome you to University of Arkansas - Pulaski Technical College. The decision to enroll demonstrates a commitment to continue your education. The faculty and staff of this division are also committed to this goal and our mission.

The mission of the Mathematics, Natural and Social Sciences division is, in part, to “provide a university transfer program of high academic quality” (Mission statement, Pulaski Technical College). Students and faculty members will work together to accomplish this mission through a course of study that fosters development and refinement of the critical thinking, problem solving and analytical skills necessary to succeed in the sciences and in life. The five departments, Biological and Health Sciences, Physical Sciences, Social Sciences, Behavioral Sciences, and Mathematical Sciences, are comprised of faculty members that bring a wealth of world experience to their students.

The department faculties have experience from careers as respiratory therapy, nursing, dietetics, physician, veterinary medicine, social work, education, counseling, academic research, and in industries such as aeronautics and engineering. Whatever their academic background or professional affiliation, the faculty members are dedicated to providing a high quality, academic environment in the classroom and laboratory.

It is important to recognize that learning in higher education involves more than the classroom. The Mathematics, Natural and Social Sciences division strives to provide opportunities for learning that involve individuals from the community as well as other institutions of higher education. These opportunities are provided through a variety venues.

Anthropology, sociology, and psychology students have, in the past, participated in field work and small scale research projects on campus and at historical sites. The results of some of these projects were presented at state and national conferences. Students interested in health care careers have the option of becoming involved in the Health Science club to meet and interact with other students as well as faculty members and recruiters from professional programs. PTC partners with UAMS College of Health Professions to hold an annual 2 day student internship at UAMS for students to receive valuable hands on experience in the various health care professions other than nursing.

Academics in the scientific fields also extend into areas of pure research and industry. The division has activities where students interested in research and industrial fields may attend events that provide exposure to four year college graduate students and faculty from the University of Arkansas, Arkansas State University, the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, the University of Central Arkansas, the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, and the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

The focus of all these activities is to further student success by providing a crucial link for students to successfully transfer after their tasks at Pulaski Technical College are complete.

The decision to study and pursue a degree in the fields involved in the Mathematics, Natural and Social Sciences division requires dedication and a commitment. This dedication and commitment is matched by the faculty and staff of the division and its departments. Please contact myself or the department chairs if you have any questions.

Again, welcome to Pulaski Technical College and the Mathematics, Natural and Social Sciences division.


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