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Fine Arts and Humanities Faculty Directory

Dean of Fine Arts and Humanities
Joseph Cole

Fine Arts and Humanities Secretary
Cindy Nesmith

Department of Communication
Chair- Christina Oberste
Kirsten Heintz
Donald Spitler
Janine Armstrong

Department of English
Chair- Jonathan Purkiss
Mark Barnes
Matthew Chase
Elizabeth Clyburn
Joan Dudley
Kate Evans
Antonio Garcia
Laura Govia
Allen Loibner-Waitkus
Leslie Lovenstein

Department of Performing Arts
Chair- Barry McVinney
Sheila Glasscock
Werner Trieschmann

Department of Visual Art
Chair- Maribeth Anders
David Carpenter
Kimberly Kwee
Frank Latimer

Department of Languages
Chair- Cheryl Moody
Cheri Courtright

Department of Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Studies
Chair- Nicolette Smith
Robert Williams
Jack Wood

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