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Dental Assisting Objectives

The Dental Assistants program endeavors to develop a dental assistant who:

1. Possesses dignity, empathy, works harmoniously with others and assumes responsibility for his/her own actions.

2. Functions as an active team member in providing dental care for persons with commonly occurring dental problems and assist the dentist or hygienist with the care of patients with more complex problems.

3. Communicates effectively with patients, families and members of the dental health team.

4. Possesses sufficient knowledge of scientific principles to insure the ability to follow instructions and exercise judgment within the scope of dental assisting.

5. Shows an interest in the welfare of the community and makes a positive contribution in meeting the dental health needs of its citizens.

6. Continues to practice the legal and ethical responsibilities as a member of the dental health team.

7. Will continue his/her education by keeping abreast of current concepts within the dental profession.

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