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Avoiding Plagiarism

From the University of Arkansas-Pulaski Technical College Student Handbook:
Plagiarism Defined: Offering the work of another, as one’s own without proper acknowledgment is plagiarism. Therefore, any student who fails to give appropriate credit for ideas or material he/she takes from another, whether fellow student or a resource writer, is guilty of plagiarism. This includes downloading or buying papers from the Internet and cutting and pasting from the Internet without proper acknowledgment.
In the simplest terms, plagiarism is theft – theft of ideas, images, and/or words.  It may be intentional or unintentional, but in either case, it violates ethical standards.  The information literate student understands how to locate, evaluate and synthesize information into a product that can be communicated to others in an ethical manner.  The following links will help you avoid plagiarizing the works of others.

Definite Don’ts – University of Maine at Farmington
Taking Notes from Research Reading – Dr. Margaret Procter, University of Toronto
The Academic Integrity Tutorial – York University

Plagiarism and Academic Integrity – Rutgers University

Avoiding Plagiarism – Purdue University Online Writing Lab
How Not to Plagiarize – University of Toronto

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