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Ceremony Guests

Before the Ceremony

Be certain to pack your camera and extra memory cards! Also, make plans with your graduate to meet outside the arena after the ceremony. Verizon Arena policy does NOT allow for re-entry into the arena after exiting at the conclusion of the ceremony.

At the Ceremony

PARKING: Parking is provided for free to our guests. Please look for parking lots designated as Main Entrance Parking. Handicapped parking will be available in the lot at the corner of Washington and Olive Streets.

ENTRANCE: All guests should enter through Verizon Main Entrance on the corner of E. Washington St. Only guests who need to use the elevators may enter at the box office entrance, and these guests should have no more than one person with them. Verizon Arena personnel limit the number of non-ceremony participants using this entrance and the elevators.

PRINTED PROGRAMS: Programs will be available to guests as they enter the arena.

SEATING: Guests should sit in the spectator seating area. Only graduates, faculty and staff are permitted on the arena floor. Those wanting to take pictures should do so from their seat or after the ceremony. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times and will not be allowed in the graduate area.

  • Section 106 is designated for our hearing impaired guests. An interpreter will be on the stage during the evening to sign for the ceremony.

During the ceremony

GRADUATE ENTRANCE: Your graduate will enter the Arena through a tunnel at the rear and walk toward the stage.

RECEIVING DIPLOMAS: Please cheer for your graduate as they receive their diploma but be respectful of the graduate behind them. Excessive cheering could delay the ceremony so that all graduate names can be heard. Please do not use air horns or noisemakers of any kind.
After the ceremony

RECESSIONAL: Please remain in your seat during the recessional.

CONGRATULATE YOUR GRADUATE: You can meet your graduate outside of the Box Office tunnel to congratulate them and take pictures. Verizon Arena policy does NOT allow for re-entry into the arena after exiting at the conclusion of the ceremony.

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