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Star Awards


Faculty: Faculty Senate chose not to designate by month.

April Hearne, Instructor of Business

Jennifer Ingram, Instructor of CISCO

Jason Martin, Instructor of History

Cheryl Moody, Instructor of Spanish

Cathy Underwood, Instructor of Paralegal

Kristen Wagner, Instructor of Education


February 2012
Amanda Doyle, Coordinator of Advising and Orientation and Staff Senate president

March 2012
Gary Gaston, Military Enrollment Coordinator


January 2011
Mary Ohm, Instructor of Developmental Mathematics

February 2011
Carolyn Walker, Instructor of Business

March 2011
William Wyngaard, Instructor of Business

April 2011
Eugene Rathfon, Instructor of Developmental Mathematics

May 2011
Jean Swillum, Instructor of Developmental Math

July 2011
Rebecca Boswell, Administrative Specialist from Counseling & Advising


January 2010
Allen Loibner, Instructor of English

March 2010
Maribeth Anders, Instructor of Visual Art

August 2010
Lynetta Doye, English Instructor

September 2010
Kristi Tucker, Instructor of College Studies

October 2010
Martha Eshleman, Instructor of Anatomy & Physiology

November 2010
Austin Lovenstein, Instructor of Math

December 2010
Yolanda Mitchell, Instructor of Speech Communication


January Staff 2009 Star Award
Jason Poole, Enrollment Coordinator

February 2009 Faculty Star Award
Antoinette Brim, English Instructor

February Staff 2009 Star Award
Donna McSpadden, Counselor

May Staff 2009 Star Award
Brandi Hutsell, Coordinator of Veterans Services


January 2008 Faculty Star Award
Nicki Feldman, Instructor of Mathematics

January 2008 Staff Star Award
Amy Green, Creative Services Manager

February 2008 Staff Star Award
Dianne Butler, Career Services Counselor

February 2008 Faculty Star Award
Antoinette Brim, English Instructor

March 2008 Faculty Star Award
Leslie Johnston, Instructor of Developmental English

March Staff 2008 Star Award
Yvonne Dougherty, Director of Saline County Adult Education Center

April Faculty 2008 Star Award
Danny Fisher, Instructor of Diesel Technology

April Staff 2008 Star Award
Essie Cleveland, Executive Director of Human Resources and Employee Relations

May Faculty 2008 Star Award
Cynthia East, Culinary Instructor

May Staff 2008 Star Award
Sarah Kelley, Admissions and Records Secretary

June Faculty 2008 Star Award
Brian Hight, Instructor of Theatre Arts

June Staff 2008 Star Award
Jason Henry, Advising and Support Services Specialist

July Faculty 2008 Star Award
Barry McVinney, Instructor of Music

July Staff 2008 Star Award
David Harris, Chief Information Officer

August Faculty 2008 Star Award
Cathy Underwood, Instructor of Paralegal Technology

August Staff 2008 Star Award
Tim Walbert, Director of Purchasing

September Faculty 2008 Star Award
Lorri Hambuchen, Instructor of Beverage Studies

September Staff 2008 Star Award
Danny Martin, Blackboard Support Services Administration Assistant

October Faculty 2008 Star Award
Herb Matthews, Instructor of Biological Sciences

October Staff 2008 Star Award
Chris Washington, Campus Center Program Coordinator

November Staff 2008 Star Award
Larry Lewallen, Career Links Coordinator

November Faculty 2008 Star Award
Johnny Dollar, Instructor of History/Political Science/Religion

December Staff 2008 Star Award
Diana Ivars, Academic Advisor

December Faculty 2008 Star Award
Nicki Feldman, Instructor of Mathematics


December 2007 Faculty Star Award
Ken Leslie, Instructor of Collision Repair Technology

December 2007 Staff Star Award
Jimmie Jones and Don Powell, Training Specialist at the Business and Industry Center

November 2007 Faculty Star Award
Steve Hotle, Instructor of Aviation Maintenance Technology

November 2007 Staff Star Award
Lilly Dixon, Faculty Services Secretary

October 2007 Faculty Star Award
Mayo Johnson, Instructor of Information Technology

October 2007 Staff Star Award
Wendy Davis, Assistant Library Director

September 2007 Faculty Star Award
Ulrike White, Chair, Department of Languages

September 2007 Staff Star Award
Summer Brown, Director of Student Life and Leadership

August 2007 Faculty Star Award
Allen Loibner, Instructor of English and Journalism

August 2007 Staff Star Award
Augusta Farver, Dean of Business

July 2007 Faculty Star Award
Jimmy Davis, Respiratory Therapy

July 2007 Staff Star Award
Amy Baldwin, Professional Development Coordinator

June 2007 Faculty Star Award
Ann Fellinger, Chair, College Studies

June 2007 Staff Star Award
Rhonda Carroll, Director of Learning Support Services

May 2007 Faculty Star Award
Glen Acrey, Instructor of Machine Shop

May 2007 Staff Star Award
Jimmy Pierce, Physical Plant Maintenance Coordinator

April 2007 Faculty Star Award
Candace Pierce, Instructor of Social Sciences

April 2007 Staff Star Award
Amanda Coleman, Secretary of the Business Division

March 2007 Faculty Star Award
Angie Macri, Instructor of English

March 2007 Staff Star Award
Melinda Gaston, Controller

February 2007 Faculty Star Award
DeAnna Davis, Director of Dental Assisting

January 2007 Faculty Star Award
Sandy Longhorn, Instructor of English

January 2007 Staff Star Award
Lennon Parker, Web Communication Specialist and Staff Senate president

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