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Start Over Again Program (SOAP)

SOAP POLICY for First Time Suspended Students
(Start Over Again Program)

Students who are suspended for the first-time with a one-semester suspension may be permitted to re-enroll in classes for the subsequent semester (spring following a fall suspension or fall term following a spring suspension) through the Start Over Again Program (SOAP). The program permits students who are on suspension to re-enroll in courses in which they received an F grade. PTC recognizes that some students can quickly remove probation and suspension by repeating courses with low grades and that the student may be more successful with these courses if they repeat them immediately.

Students interested in participating in the SOAP program should schedule an appointment with a counselor in the Counseling and Advising office by calling (501) 812-2220.  Suspended students must obtain approval to participate, be advised and register for classes through their assigned counselor. Students should understand that they may not be eligible for financial aid while participating in this program.

Students who enroll in SOAP must meet requirements listed below. If they do not successfully complete the courses to raise their grade-point average to remove the suspension, they must complete the suspension period and are not eligible to enroll for one semester. The one-semester suspension is a full semester and does not include summer terms.

Students suspended for the second (one-year) or third (three-year) suspension are not eligible to participate in SOAP and are required to follow the suspension periods as noted in the catalog for a second and third suspension.

Requirements for SOAP:

• The student must enroll in COLL 1300, College Seminar: A Pathway to Excellence, if not previously successfully completed.
• The student may enroll in no more than nine credit hours for the semester.
• Only one 3-4 credit hour course can be completed online; all others must be on campus. 
• The student must obtain a minimum of a 2.00 current semester grade-point average.

Students are strongly encouraged to meet with their SOAP counselor on a monthly basis.

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