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Student Government Association

The membership of the Student Government Association (SGA) consists of representatives from each division of the College.

The purpose and mission of the SGA:

  • To act in a liaison capacity to the school administration in representation of the student body in matters concerning their college.
  • To foster student activities and involvement in the College.
  • To promote within the student body a sense of responsibility to the College and to create and maintain a standard of good citizenship and collegiate culture.
  • To insure that each student feels he/she is an integral part of the College.
  • To promote student opportunities for service to the College and leadership of their fellow students.
  • To promote the best interest of the College, making it a positive institution for mental and moral development.
  • To promote expansion and progress within the College. This may include recognizing outstanding students, faculty, and administrators at the College.
  • Understanding that the administration which is governed by the policies established by the Pulaski Technical College Board of Trustees, the Arkansas Department of Higher Education, and other state regulatory agencies is responsible for the operation of the school, it shall be the purpose of the SGA to promote a cooperative relationship among students, faculty, staff, and administration. This will result in a positive, productive atmosphere for all.

The SGA holds open meetings on a regular basis throughout the academic school year.

Michelle Anderson
Director of Student Life and Leadership
(501) 812-2750

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