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Parking and Traffic Regulations Violations and Penalties
  1. Lack of space is not a valid excuse for violating parking regulations. Individuals charged with violations of the PTC Parking and Traffic Regulations shall be issued for the following violations:

    1. Parking in Handicap Space without vehicle tag, placard or Authorized person $50
    2. Reckless/Unsafe Driving $25
    3. Failure to Stop or Yield Right of Way $25
    4. Invalid or no proof of license or vehicle Insurance $25
    5. Failure to observe sign, cone, barricade or Officer $25
    6. Speeding /Too fast for Conditions $25
    7. Immobilized Vehicle (Boot) Removal Fee and Includes all unpaid Violations $25
    8. Loud and Raucous Noise $25
    9. Parking in a Reserved Area for Faculty and Staff, Donor or Visitors $10
    10. No Parking Permit or invalid display on Vehicle $10
    11. Double Parking/Blocking Street or Restricted Area $10
    12. Parking in a No Parking Area or Fire Lane $10
    13. Driving and/or Parking on Grass $10
    14. Driving/Parking Wrong Direction on One-Way Street $10
    15. Parking Over the Marked Line $10
    16. Falsifying Registration Information $10

  2. A person receiving notice of a Parking or Traffic Violation is required to report to the Business Office within ten (10) school days to pay the fees levied against him/her. Tickets not paid within ten (10) school days are subject to an additional penalty equal to the amount of the ticket. Students and employees are responsible for all traffic violations made by a vehicle displaying a hangtag issued to the student or employee. If you lend your car, proper operation of the vehicle is still your responsibility. If you transfer ownership of your car, remove the parking hangtag or you will be responsible for violations committed by the new owner.
  3. Pulaski Technical College Police/Public Safety Officers maintain the right, as prescribed by law, to issue uniform traffic citations for any operator or vehicle violation committed within their jurisdiction.
Appeals for Parking Violations
Any person who feels that his or her vehicle has been unjustly ticketed may appeal. Appeals must be received within 10 business days after the issuance of the ticket or the right to appeal is forfeited. All appeals of parking violations will be considered with respect to the current PTC parking policy. To file an appeal, obtain an appeal form from Student Services, and complete the form in detail, or go to the web site at www.pulaskitech.edu Police & Public Safety link to access the form. The appeal form should be submitted to the Office of Admissions and Records. The Student Appeals Committee reviewing the parking appeals will meet monthly, usually the last week of each month. Municipal traffic citations may not be appealed to the college.

The following are typically not accepted as valid extenuating circumstances for parking in violation of parking regulations.

An appeal based on how long you were parked in violation. Public Safety Officers will issue a citation to any vehicle parked in violation of regulations. An appeal that states that the vehicle was only parked for two minutes, five minutes, etc. is not considered valid. A parking restriction holds for parking for any period of time.

An appeal based on your need to get to class/work/an appointment on time. It typically requires a few minutes to locate a parking space within the campus parking system. It is suggested that drivers plan their schedules such that there is sufficient time to find and park in a legal space.

An appeal based on lack of a parking space near your destination. Parking spaces are very competitive, and the campus parking system doesn't guarantee a space in a specific lot. Drivers must park in a legal space in a valid lot space.

An appeal based on the assertion that class wasn't in session. Parking regulations are enforced throughout the entire calendar year and are not directly associated with the class schedule.

An appeal of a restricted/prohibited violation during evening or weekend hours. All parking restrictions and prohibitions are enforced during normal college hours, seven days per week.

An appeal based on the assertion that the driver did not see the sign or line markings. It is the driver's responsibility to note and comply with all posted signage, notices, and line markings.

An appeal based on the assertion that the driver forgot his/her college permit. Drivers must display a permit in order to park legally in faculty/staff, donor reserved and all open parking.

An appeal based on a vehicle malfunction. Drivers who experience a vehicle malfunction and cannot move their vehicle should contact the Department of Public Safety for assistance. Short-term authorization to remain parked may be received for the Department of Public Safety. Four-way flashers are designed to warn other motorists that your vehicle may be a hazard. Use of four-way flashers does not allow you to park illegally for any period of time.

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