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Job Title: Point of Sales Support Specialist
Date Posted: 2/5/2013
Closing Date: 2/5/2014
Minimum Requirements: Idea Candidate must have previous Restaurant / Bar management Must have at least 3 years prior experience or comparable work experience Knowledge of Point of Sale Systems (Micros, Aloha, Dinerware, Squirrel, Restaurant Manager, Aldelo) Operates independently within a team environment Possess excellent written and verbal communication skills Ability to communicate direction over the phone Exceptional interpersonal skills for interacting with outside vendors and training all skill levels Flexible and responsive to address critical needs as they arise On call availability by cell phone 24 hours a day Adept at multi tasking Excellent organizational skills and good attention to detail In-state travel required
Job Description: Point of Sales Support Specialist position. Hospitality Consulting. Maintain & manage network hardware - Windows server(s) and software. Provide network & POS user support. In-state travel required. Flexible schedule. Provide support company-wide for Point of Sale Systems for Restaurants and Bars. Hospitality Owner, Management, and staff Consulting. Provide support & consulting to store management, area supervisors and office staff for POS Systems Point of contact for problem solving POS Systems hardware and software issues Assist with developing a training program for POS Systems Assist Corporate Trainer with training new management on POS Systems Track and monitor issues since the implementation of POS Systems Continuing education and training in regards to POS issues Track missing or incorrect data from Store Control Folders and publish weekly report to administrative and operations supervisory staff All other support and functions regarding POS Systems
Contact Info: TO APPLY: Email resume to ken@epsus.com

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