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Learning Assistance Center gears up for busy fall semester

The Bank of America Learning Assistance Center is preparing to offer Pulaski Technical College's students all the help they may need for the coming academic year. Several new tutors and lab staff have been hired to accommodate the expansion of the Learning Assistance Center (LAC) to Little Rock-South. Terry Brown, a long-time hourly employee of the LAC, was hired this semester to be the lab manager. She will supervise all lab assistants and LAC computer lab operations at all three locations. Sonya Appleby is the tutor coordinator.
This fall, supplemental instruction, an academic support program that targets historically difficult courses, will be offered in elementary algebra, chemistry, history and psychology classes. The instructors in the targeted classes identify an outstanding student from the previous semester who is then trained and paid to lead the supplemental instruction sessions. Students attend the regularly scheduled review sessions on a voluntary basis. The sessions, scheduled for twice a week, offer students an opportunity to integrate the course content with reasoning and study skills by reviewing notes and readings. Furthermore, supplemental instruction leaders aid students in developing organizational tools, problem solving strategies and test taking skills.
The LAC computer center offers at all locations computer programs such as Microsoft Office, PowerPoint, Excel and Adobe Reader. The college also has several supplemental programs for students, including PLATO, My Reading Lab, My Writing Lab, My Communications Lab, Criterion, Kuder and Rosetta Stone. Lab assistants are in place to help students set up e-mail accounts, conduct database searches, work in Blackboard, navigate PTC portal and in many other computer applications.
To learn more about the Bank of America Learning Assistance Center, click here for the Web site.

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