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Pulaski Tech opts out of campus concealed carry

Pulaski Tech's Board of Trustees on Monday unanimously voted to opt out of a statute that would have allowed faculty and staff to carry concealed handguns on campus.

Arkansas House Bill 1243, signed into law in March 2013 as Act 226, amended several sections of the Arkansas Code dealing with possession of handguns on public property, including college campuses.

For concealed carry to be implemented on a college campuses requires four elements under the law: 1) The individual must have a concealed handgun license and 2) be an employee of the college; 3) The institution must have no policy expressly disallowing staff possession of a concealed gun; and 4) The college must post written notice if it has a prohibitory policy.

So far, none of Arkansas' colleges and university has acted in a way that would allow faculty and staff to carry concealed handguns.

"Our employees and our students are fortunate that we have the police department that we have," said Dr. Margaret Ellibee, college president. "They are a well-trained force, and we put our safety in their hands on a daily basis. I believe that is what we should continue to do in the future."

The Board of Trustees will revisit the issue annually because the statute requires that the policy be readopted every year; otherwise, it expires and becomes ineffective.

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