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Lessons for Leno to make stop in Little Rock and at Pulaski Tech

In response to frequent disparaging remarks about community colleges by late-night talk-show host Jay Leno, one community college president is challenging Leno to put his motorcycle where his mouth is. In a cross-country tour riding her Harley-Davidson motorcycle from Ohio to California, Northwest State College President Betty Young will deliver a series of "Lessons for Leno" about the mission and value of community colleges at eight institutions along the way.  Young's entourage leaves Ohio Sept. 19 with a planned stop in Little Rock and Pulaski Technical College on Thursday, Sept. 22. She will arrive in Los Angeles Sept. 27, where she hopes to have a face-to-face conversation with Leno and invite him to ride with her on his own prized Harley.

Events at each of the community colleges along the way will focus on one of the "Lessons for Leno."  Dr. Young and the local community college president, faculty, business community leaders, students, and alumni will explain how community colleges are critical to the nation's economic and workforce needs, change the lives of the 12 million students they serve, and provide access to affordable education. 

Events celebrating Dr. Young's tour include the Governor of Ohio helping to kick of the tour, a motorcycle processional and a news conference on the steps of the State Capitol in Little Rock and leaders luncheon at Pulaski Technical College on Thursday, Sept. 22, a rally at the nation's first community college in Joliet, IL, and an event under the arch in St. Louis.

Lessons for Leno Tour: All-Arkansas Stop in Little Rock


Thursday, September 22


6-6:30 a.m.                    Departure from Mountain Home


10 a.m.                          Arrival at Wyndham Hotel in North Little Rock


10:35 a.m.                     Motorcycle Processional to State Capitol

*         Presidential-style motorcycle escort

*         Motorcycle partners - faculty, staff and students from Arkansas two-year colleges


Processional begins at the Wyndham Hotel at the foot of the Main Street Bridge in North Little Rock, crosses the Main Street bridge, turns right on Capitol Avenue and proceeds to state capitol. Motorcycles/Northwest State Express Truck park in loading zone in front of state capitol.


11 a.m.                         News Conference on the Steps of the State Capitol

*         Introductions of presidential leadership

*         Purpose of the Lessons for Leno Tour

*         Where we have been; where we are going

*         Key lesson of the day; briefly profile other lessons

*         Personalized example and profile local students/alumni/faculty

*         Change the mindset of Leno; all of the nation

*         Photo session with Harley/Express Truck


11:30 a.m.                     Motorcycle Recessional to Pulaski Technical College Campus

 North Little Rock


12 noon                         Luncheon

                                    Invitation list: Arkansas two-year college presidents, faculty, staff and students, Pulaski Tech board of trustees, motorcycle partners, business and industry leaders


1:30 p.m.                      Departure from Pulaski Technical College

For more information, contact Carol Langston at (501) 812-2211.

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