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Big Rock Reading Series

The Big Rock Reading Series

The Big Rock Reading Series is hosted by the English Department at Pulaski Technical College. Our mission is to host three events in the fall and three events in the spring for each academic year, inviting poets, fiction writers, journalists, and essayists from central Arkansas and beyond. Writers may be nominated by faculty, staff, or students at Pulaski Tech, or they may request an invitation on their own. Decisions about which writers will be invited are made within the English Department and in consultation with the Dean of Fine Arts & Humanities. Every effort is made to take into consideration which writers will be the best fit for our student body and for the community at large.

The English Department launched the series in fall 2011, given our expanded offerings in creative writing and literature courses and given hearty attendance and feedback at past readings. At each event, which may feature one to three writers, we begin with a reading or presentation by the author(s) and follow up with a question and answer period that allows our audience members to learn directly from the writers about what goes into their craft. This interaction allow us to go beyond an appreciation of the writer’s work into an active discussion, which opens the way for scholarship and intellectual growth.

Past writers include Allison Joseph, Nickole Brown, David Jauss, Stacey Lynn Brown, John Bensko, Davis McCombs, Carolyn Guinzio, Padma Viswanathan, Chris James (Scorpio), Alison Pelegrin, Jericho Brown, Carla Killough McClafferty, and more.

When asked what they appreciated most about an event they attended, our students say:

The author’s transparency about very real instances of a culture so very different than ours and his ability to bring it so to life.

Sharing his book and allowing us to ask questions.

An interesting interpretation of life through another's eyes.”

The clarity of his poems made you feel it in your soul.

His candidness. The laughs of my classmates.

I was excited about our very own author from Arkansas who spoke about her books and her research.

For more information, contact Sandy Longhorn, director of the Big Rock Reading Series at the following:

Big Rock Reading Series
Sandy Longhorn, Director
Department of English
Pulaski Technical College
3000 West Scenic Dr.
North Little Rock, AR 72118
Phone: (501) 812-2302
E-mail: slonghorn@pulaskitech.edu

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