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In-School Deferment of Student Loans

If you have a student loan and are still enrolled in your college or university on at least a half-time basis, you are eligible for a deferment. Most enrolled students at Clearinghouse member schools receive automatic deferments. If, however, you receive a deferment form from your lender or loan servicer and are still enrolled, take the form to your school's registrar office, where it will be forwarded to the Clearinghouse for processing.

If you are still enrolled and receive a collection letter, contact your lender or loan servicer to verify that your deferment has been processed. If it has not, contact the Clearinghouse at (703) 742-4200 and ask to speak to a Student Service Representative. The representative will verify your deferment information and, if you are being threatened with default, intervene on your behalf with your lender/servicer to ensure your deferment is processed on a priority basis.

Loan Deferments for Active Duty Military Personnel

Student loan borrowers who are on active military duty, including reservists, may not be required to make student loan payments while they are deployed.

If you have an outstanding student loan and are, or soon will be, on active military duty, you should:

  1. Contact your lender to inform them about your active duty status and find out what options are available to you while you are on active military duty.

  2. If you have taken out loans, even if they are not yet in repayment, you must take action. Otherwise your loans will automatically move to repayment while you are away.
    Your personal copy of your student loan records is the best place to identify all your lenders and their contact information.

  3. Provide your lender with a copy of your military orders.

The following information is from the National Student Clearinghouse Web site.

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