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Tire Center Operator

Certificate of Proficiency:

Certificate of Proficiency programs provide a one semester concentration in a specific technical area.

Degree Requirements

Tire Center Operator (13 credit hours)

AST 2105. Chassis and Steering
This course is an introduction to the theory and operation of modern suspension and steering systems. It includes the study of the suspension system includes wheels and tires, hubs, bearings, seals, springs and the vehicle frame. Steering and steering systems start with the basic theory of steering geometry. Hands-on instruction is used to teach two- and four-wheel alignment. 4 lecture, 5 lab hours. (5 credit hours/special course fee)

AST 1405. Automotive Brake Systems
This course is a background of basic brakes and hydraulic theory. The course covers drum brakes, disc brakes and various types of parking brakes in detail. It includes three types of Power brakes and the theory of operation of the Bosch and Teves antilock brake systems. 4 lecture hours, 3 lab hours. (5 credit hours/special course fee)

TRT 1103. Fundamentals of Service Management
This course explores the legal aspects of tractor and trailer operation including Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements, log books and record keeping. (3 credit hours)

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