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Parts Specialist

Certificate of Proficiency:

Certificate of Proficiency programs provide a one semester concentration in a specific technical area.

Degree Requirements

Parts Specialist (15 credit hours)

TRT 1203. Parts Identification and Nomenclature
This course includes comparison of operational systems comprising transportation vehicles and identification and proper name of the parts comprising those systems. Product knowledge is stressed. (3 credit hours)

TRT 1303. Inventory Maintenance and Control
Computerized maintenance of inventory including location, acquisition, shrinkage and merchandizing are the focus of this course. Parts catalogs and part numbers are stressed. (3 credit hours)

TRT 1403. Customer Relations
This course covers understanding and meeting customer needs and complaints, involving customers in decision making, communication skills, interpreting customer requests and meeting customer needs. Sales skills, product knowledge and merchandizing are stressed. (3 credit hours)

AST 1203. Component Refurbishing and Installation
Skills in automotive component refurbishing and rebuilding services common to automotive parts stores are taught in this course. Topics include turning brake drums and rotors, and testing and installing electrical components. 2 lecture hours, 2 lab hours. (3 credit hours)

TRT 1103. Fundamentals of Service Management
This course explores the legal aspects of tractor and trailer operation including Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements, log books and record keeping. (3 credit hours)

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