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Engine Machinist

Certificate of Proficiency:

Certificate of Proficiency programs provide a one semester concentration in a specific technical area.

Degree Requirements

Engine Machinist (17 credit hours)

AST 2306. Engine Repair
This course is an introduction to automotive engines including construction and theory. Course covers preparation and assembly of major engine components, preventive maintenance, troubleshooting and use of service and flat rate manuals. 5 lecture hours, 3 lab hours. (6 credit hours/special course fee)

MST 1204. Machining I
This course provides instruction in shop safety procedures and basic methods of machining metal, measurement (precision and non-precision) and inspection of machined parts. Instruction in the use and care of basic support machines including pedestal grinder, belt sander, drill presses, power saws and hand tools. 3 lecture hours, 4 lab hours. (4 credit hour/special course fee)

MST 1304. Machining II
Basic nomenclature of milling machines and lathes is studied in this course. An introduction to all basic machine operations, tools and tooling, speeds and feeds, thread cutting and safety. 3 lecture hours, 4 lab hours. (4 credit hours/special course fee)

MTH 1203. Technical Mathematics II
This course includes, but is not limited to, the following concepts: signed numbers, basic algebraic operations, simple and complex equations, fundamentals of plane geometry, geometric measures, right triangle trigonometry and the solution of oblique triangles. Prerequisite: Completion of MTH 1103 or appropriate entrance placement test results. (3 credit hours)

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