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College Mission

Pulaski Technical College is a comprehensive two-year college that serves the educational needs of central Arkansas through technical programs, a university-transfer program and specialized programs for business and industry. The College’s mission is to provide access to high quality education that promotes student learning, to enable individuals to develop to their fullest potential and to support the economic development of the state.


1. To provide technical programs for students who wish to develop competencies in specific career areas or to upgrade their skills.

2. To provide a university-transfer program of high academic quality for students who plan to transfer to a four-year institution.

3. To support economic development in central Arkansas by providing specialized job-specific programs for business, industry, and other organizations.

4. To provide developmental education courses for students who need basic academic skills.

5. To provide opportunities for adult and continuing education through credit and noncredit courses designed to meet the academic, occupational, and avocational needs of the community.

6. To provide academic advice, library services, learning assistance, counseling, financial aid, and other services to students.

7. To expand access to higher education through distance learning and delivery of instruction at sites accessible to students.


Pulaski Technical College’s Values - “The Three I’s: Integrity, Improvement, and Individuality.”

1. Integrity

Integrity means that we align our actions with our commitments and deliver what we promise. We strive to uphold our mission to our students, stakeholders and fellow employees. The core value of the College embraces  the axiom, “Integrity of the grade leads to respect for the degree.” We value open communication and strive to be fair and transparent in our processes.

2. Improvement

Improvement involves setting and achieving goals. We strive for continuous improvement in all aspects of serving our stakeholders and campus community. We work to recognize the goals of our students, faculty, staff,  administration, community and other stakeholders and are dedicated to facilitating their success through efficacy and discipline. We value improvement and strive to set an example for those we are serving.

3. Individuality

Individuality is the recognition that we serve a diverse population of students, faculty and staff. We strive to provide an environment that is adaptable, collaborative, innovative, disciplined and respectful. We see the  student as an individual with personal, academic and professional goals. We do not teach curriculum, rather we teach students and are moved by the students to implement the curriculum to facilitate student success. It is  our responsibility to help those we serve realize their hopes, dreams and aspirations.


Pulaski Technical College will be Arkansas’ leading comprehensive two-year college, focused on student success and recognized regionally for excellence in workforce development and university-transfer education.

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